Trezor Model T Hardware Wallet is Now Available

Hardware wallets have long been known to be one of the best places to store your cryptocurrencies, by storing your coins offline, and Trezor hardware wallets have been a leader in that market with the Trezor One wallet. The new Trezor Model T is the 2nd generation hardware wallet that offer the same high security but now with a number of new features and improved user experience and security.

Trezor Model T Secure Coin Storage

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Trezor model t wallet

The first and most obvious feature on the Trezor Model T is it’s touchscreen which allows you to easily and quickly interact with the hardware wallet. That’s not the only upgrade though, while the Trezor Model T hardware wallet includes all the same features as the previous Trezor One, The Model T also features a faster processor and advanced coin support for over 500 different coins.

In addition to securely storing your coins on the Model T wallet, you can also store and encrypt your crypto tokens, passwords and other digital keys – such as GPG, SSH, U2F and others!

So if you’re still not storing your coins in a secure hardware wallet, now is the time to look into getting one.

Buy now: Trezor Model T

For more information about the Model T wallet check out Trezor’s website here.

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