How to create a Ripple wallet

How to create a Ripple wallet

So you have bought Ripple (XRP) and now looking for a place to store it? This guide will show you how to create a Ripple wallet using Toast Wallet on a Windows desktop. However, Toast Wallet is also available for Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

If you are looking for a way to buy Ripple, check out our How to buy Ripple guide!

Creating a Ripple Wallet using Toast

  1. First go to and download the application for your operating system, in this case I’ll be using Windows 7+ Installer.
    ripple wallet toast download
  2. Run the downloaded .EXE file and then scroll to the bottom of the application and click on Create a New Wallet.
    ripple wallet toast license agreement
  3. Now set a PIN for your wallet and confirm it.
    ripple wallet set pin
  4. Next set a passphrase and click on Set Passphrase.
    ripple wallet set passphrase
  5. Write down your six word recovery phrase, then click on each slider and then on Finish Setup.
    ripple wallet recovery phrase
  6. Toast wallet is certainly worthy of support. Determine how much you’d like to donate or none at all.
    ripple wallet support toast
  7. Now click on Add Account.
    ripple wallet add account
  8. Almost done. Click on Generate New Address.
    ripple wallet generate new address
  9. Give your account a name if you wish and enter your passphrase you set earlier and click on Import this Address.
    ripple wallet new account
  10. Now click on Create a Backup.
    ripple wallet backup
  11. Finally, copy the backup code, maybe print it out along with your 6 recovery words, or add it to your password manager! Then click on the Home icon.
    ripple wallet encrypted backup

You now have a Ripple wallet that is ready to accept your newly purchased Ripple (XRP)!

If you are looking for help buying Ripple be sure to read our guide here.

It is VERY important to keep your PIN, Passphrase, and a backup of your wallet in a secure place such as a password manager and/or printed off and stored in a home safe. In addition you will want to make sure the computer your using is not compromised with malware or keyloggers to steal this information.

For the most secure option, I recommend everyone to buy a hardware wallet such as the Ledger Nano S.

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